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New cabin in the pipeline!

We recently got the exciting task of designing a small summer house on Østerøya, a narrow peninsula south of the city of Sandefjord. The site is rich in qualities, from sheltered outdoor space to beautiful exposed bedrock and a stunning panoramic ocean view. The site is located in a strictly regulated area, right next to a… Read more »

House of the Nymph

House of the Nymph relates to an ancient tradition where the people of Mefjordvær shared their houses with creatures of the underworld.

Cote Cabin

The Cote Cabin is a simple pavilion, following the complex curves of the rough, rocky landscape.

Yellow House

Like the rest of the colourful houses on the island, our Yellow House is not afraid of standing out.

Off field

Organized sports is an important and integrated part of our community. However, the true miracle of sports does not play out on the field; It takes place on the sideline.

Seidlung Moholtz

The competition entry Seidlung Moholtz is a strategy to revitalize and further develop the existing student village of Moholt,