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Cabin Vindheim

The cabin is inspired by the classic motif of snowbound cabins where only the roof protrudes through the snow.

Real scale drawings

Real scale drawings enable us to simply take a stroll through our projects, even before they are built.

Hunters Retreat

The Hunters Retreat is based on the most fundamental of all human traditions: The gathering around campfires.

The “Architecture in Comic Strip Form” exhibition opens at The National Museum

Today the exhibition about cartoons and architecture opens at the National Museum in Oslo! The aim of the “Architecture in Comic Strip Form” exhibition is to shed light on an unusual type of architectural visualization. The exhibition shows how architects use comic strips to create their own works, collaborate with other professionals, communicate their ideas… Read more »

Vardehaugen to design a small chapel

We have been selected to design a small chapel in Meløy Municipanity close to The Black Glacier (Svartisen)! We recently visited the wonderful site and can’t wait to get started. For the next half year we will be working closely with the local project group to establish a seremoni room with the intention of making… Read more »

Cabin Vardehaugen

Cabin Vardehaugen is shaped in a pose similar to a mountain fox curling up to avoid the cold wind.