Villa Lian under construction!

Villa Lian is under construction these days. The project is a slim and long two story building, placed in a sloping terrain in the forrest next to Trondheim.

Villa Eventyrveien under construction!

Villa Charlottenlund is currently under construcion! The project is a brick house with a protected atrium and several out door stairs connecting the villa to the sloping landscape.

Villa Eventyrveien

A sneak peek at our Villa Charlottenlund in Trondheim. The project is a brick house with a protected atrium and several out door stairs connecting the villa to the sloping landscape.

Cabin Larkollen under construction!

Our new collaboration with Massivtre AS (Cross Laminated Timber) is being erected these days. The cabin is nicely placed in between some beautiful pine trees and smooth, solid rocks.

Cabin Vindheim at The National Museum!

We’re proud that our Cabin Vindheim is part of the exhibition “A Place to Be: Contemporary Norwegian Architecture 2011–2016”, at the National Museum of Architecture! If you’re in Oslo, we recomend to pop by and have a look at the 25 selected peojects!

(Read about the exhibition HERE)

Commoning Kits / Malmö

We recently submitted our contribution to the exhibition “Commoning Kits” and look forward sharing our proposal with you as soon as the exhibition opens at Form / Design Centre in Malmö (Sweeden), the 7th of September 2017.

“Commoning Kits” will be an exhibition of ideas – architectural concepts for a socially and ecologically sustainable city – from a small selection of Nordic architects. The exhibition is linked to Malmö City’s work with the Sege Park district; A former sanatorium that is planned to become a window for sustainable urban construction.

Each if the selected studios are assigned a theme for community with purpose of showing different architectural opportunities for urban communities.

The exhibition is curated by Kjellander Sjöberg Architects.


Cabin Larkollen

We recently proposed a compact cabin at Larkollen, 45 minutes drive south of Oslo. The cabin is constructed in cross laminated timber, copper plates and concrete.

Building of the year!

Our Cabin Vindheim is up for nomination to the Archdaily “Building of the year”. Really appreciate if you share and vote! Simply follow the link and click “nominate”!


Villa Lofoten

We are currently designing a new villa in the beautiful Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway. More information will soon be updated on this project!

Tourism strategy for Årdal

Proud to be part of the strategy work for tourism in Årdal, an industrial town next to Norway’s largest fjord and the dramatic mountains of Jotunheimen. The strategy is developed in collaboration with Mimir AS and Årdal Utvikling, in close dialogue with people and tourism operators from the local community.

Students testing out Real Scale Drawing

These days students from the three architectural schools in Norway are visiting a brought variety of architectural studios in Oslo. The project (Hurtigpraksis) has ambitions to provide the students with insight into the different possibilities in “life after school”. We were happy to host eight enthusiastic students that got to test one of our projects in real scale, in our back yard. Later on we discussed the issues reviled in the test and worked together on improving and evolving the projects further. A great day!

More about the visiting students (hurtigpraksis) HERE.

More about real scale drawings HERE.


Concrete cabin coming up!

The foundation and the three concrete gables of our new winter cabin in Nerskogen is finally in place. The ground work is now done and the carpenters are moving in these days.

Workshop in Årdal

This week we had the pleasure of visiting several wonderful locations close to the industrial town of Årdal. Together with tourism consultants form MIMIR we facilitated a workshop with the existing operators and newly started businesses in the local tourist industry, aiming to establish a common priority and direction for destination. We look foreword to working with several of these locations in the months to come!

Read more about the workshop HERE.

Cabin Vindheim in D2!

We’re happy getting our Cabin Vindheim (Mountain Hill Cabin) published in the first issue of the redesigned D2. Rasmus Norlanders fotos looks real good on printed paper! Read the digital version of the article HERE.


Workshop on Frøya

As part of the strategic work with establishing a new costal museum on Sistranda/Frøya, we invited a variety of people, representing a broad selection of institutions and competence on the subject. The discussion at hand was “What stories do we tell?” and “How can a museum contribute to revitalizing the small city centre of Sistranda?”. The workshop was hosted by Frøya Municipanity.

Read more about the workshop here.

The “Architecture in Comic Strip Form” exhibition opens at The National Museum

Today the exhibition about cartoons and architecture opens at the National Museum in Oslo!

The aim of the “Architecture in Comic Strip Form” exhibition is to shed light on an unusual type of architectural visualization. The exhibition shows how architects use comic strips to create their own works, collaborate with other professionals, communicate their ideas and concepts, and convey architectural criticism.

Vardehaugen AS has been in charge of the exhibition design and partner Håkon Matre Aasarød is also one of the exhibitors.

Read more here

Vardehaugen to design a small chapel

We have been selected to design a small chapel in Meløy Municipanity close to The Black Glacier (Svartisen)! We recently visited the wonderful site and can’t wait to get started. For the next half year we will be working closely with the local project group to establish a seremoni room with the intention of making it an exciting tourist destination for both the local inhabitants and visiting tourists.

New cabin in the pipeline!

We recently got the exciting task of designing a small summer house on Østerøya, a narrow peninsula south of the city of Sandefjord. The site is rich in qualities, from sheltered outdoor space to beautiful exposed bedrock and a stunning panoramic ocean view. The site is located in a strictly regulated area, right next to a small bathing spot 20 meters east of the existing cabin.