Revitalizing of a beautiful old shed next to Norway’s largest fjord, through close dialogue with the local community.

The harbour shed in Årdal was built in 1956 and has been utilized as a space for temporary storage of goods and groceries for decades.The building has been inextricably linked to the relationship between the Sognefjord and Årdalstangen and carries with it a lot of local history.

Today the local community in Årdal is depopulated and the harbour activity has declined.

Vardehaugen have been engaged in revitalizing the shed, leading the work through at participation process and dialogue with a variety of interests in the local community.


Team: Håkon Matre Aasarød, Maria Nesvaag, Magnus Kvalheim and Einar Elton Jacobsen.

The shed is transformed to a community house for the people of Årdalstangen - a space for ceremonies, conferences, pop-up shops and cultural happenings. A functional "heart" is established central in the building, uniting all the practical functions needed such as a reception, a kiosk, a kitchen, a wardrobe in addition to toilets and storage.ødt-hus.jpg

The shed is tailored to a specific company or promoter that has potential to lift tourism in the region.

The kayak and mountain climber company Bulder & Brak AS is a good example of such an enterprise.

A 12 meters long and 4 meters high bouldering wall is established in the building indicates the activity that it accommodate to the street outside. Inside this wall, wardrobes, toilets and storage ensures the building is a great base for excursions to the wonderful landscapes of Sogn.

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The shed is transformed into a space for exhibition and tourist information.
This strategy explores how the building can be transformed into an exciting space for the dissemination of local identity, landscape and culture.åt-nært.jpg