The Cluster Cabin is carefully placed in a magical forest in between large oak trees, amongst chanterelles, pine cones and flowery meadows.

The site is located on the island of Bærøy in the southern Norwegian archipelago. Underneath the dense canopy, a rich and magical world occurs speckled with chanterelles, colorful leaves, large cones, and small flowery meadows.

The project aims to preserve this magical atmosphere by carefully adapting the buildings to the site’s topography. The cabin is divided into four different houses placed carefully into the sloping terrain and in between the large trees.

The eaves of the gable roofs overlap each other ensuring dry passage from one house to the next and at the same time directing rainwater away from the walkways. The Cluster Cabin is planned to be constructed in timber carried by boat and in local carbonized pine – on top of a carefully placed concrete foundation.


TEAM: Magnus Kvalheim and Håkon Matre Aasarød

The gable roofs overlap ensuring dry passage from one house to the next.