The Vertical Boathouse is placed in Årdal, the breaking point between Norways largest fjord and the massive mountain range of Jotunheimen.

The vertical boathouse is located at the end of a fjord, where the long-stretched shoreline of Norway meets the massive verticality of the Jotunheimen mountains.

The pavilion starts off as a simple boathouse creating shelter underneath a cantilevering roof. As it extends along the marina, the horizontal building suddenly shifts into a vertical structure, lifting the visitor’s perspective from the seaside to the vast mountains in the distance.

The twist is somehow ironic: It fundamentally changes the purpose and logic of the building, but the shape and vernacular character of the building remains the same.

The pavilion is planned to be built in Årdal/Norway in 2022 and contains a public sauna, storage for old boats, and a vertical mountain museum.

The building is a CLT construction, with a black stained pine exterior and a shiny, aluminum roof.

The boathouse extends along the marina and finally shifts into a vertical museum.

Sauna at the seaside.

Public toilets.

The building contained a panoramic sauna, public toilets, flexible exhibition rooms and a vertical museum.