Vardehaugen is an architectural studio involved in a rich variety of clients and projects.

Vardehaugen is an architectural studio based in Oslo, Norway. We work with a diverse selection of projects and clients, from private houses, to public processes and urban planning. We conduct our services both domestic and abroad.

We keep a close dialogue with our clients through the design process and take pride in tailoring our projects to the people and places we work with. Every client is different; every place is in some way peculiar and unique. We aim to embrace this in all of our projects.

Vardehaugen was established in 2015 by Håkon Matre Aasarød, – former partner and co-founder of Fantastic Norway Architects.

Vardehaugen is authorized by The National Directorate for Building Quality (DIBK) and member of The National Federation for Norwegian Architects (MNAL).


· Statsbygg (Strategi- og Utviklingsavdelingen)
· Statens Vegvesen / Nasjonal Tourist Routs
· The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design
· Semersouq Kommuneqarfik (Nuuk)
· Årdal Utvikling
· Meløy Utvikling
· Frøya Kommune


· "Iakov Chernikohov Architectural Award" Moscow, 2011 (Fantastic Norway)
· "Social Architect of the Year" Oslo, 2011 (Fantastic Norway)
· "Young Designers 2010" Norwegian Ministry of Cultures (Fantastic Norway)
· "Academic Journalist Price" Fagpressen. Oslo, 2008 (Honorable mention)
· "FAD medal of honor" Barcelona, 2007 (Fantastic Norway)
· "Architect of the Year" O.Hansen-symposiet Bergen, 2005 (Fantastic Norway)