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Cabin Larkollen

We recently proposed a compact cabin at Larkollen, 45 minutes drive south of Oslo. The cabin is constructed in cross laminated timber, copper plates and concrete.

Vetti Pavilion

The Vetti Pavilion is a campfire, a shelter, a scenic route and an outdoor museum, next to Northern Europe’s tallest waterfall.

Building of the year!

Our Cabin Vindheim is up for nomination to the Archdaily “Building of the year”. Really appreciate if you share and vote! Simply follow the link and click “nominate”! CLICK HERE TO NOMINATE !

Shed reborn

Revitalizing of a beautiful old shed next to Norway’s largest fjord, through close dialogue with the local community.

Oslo 2019

The purpose of this exhibition is to present the great diversity of environmental measures in the municipality of Oslo.

Villa Lofoten

We are currently designing a new villa in the beautiful Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway. More information will soon be updated on this project!

Tourism strategy for Årdal

Proud to be part of the strategy work for tourism in Årdal, an industrial town next to Norway’s largest fjord and the dramatic mountains of Jotunheimen. The strategy is developed in collaboration with Mimir AS and Årdal Utvikling, in close dialogue with people and tourism operators from the local community.

Students testing out Real Scale Drawing

These days students from the three architectural schools in Norway are visiting a brought variety of architectural studios in Oslo. The project (Hurtigpraksis) has ambitions to provide the students with insight into the different possibilities in “life after school”. We were happy to host eight enthusiastic students that got to test one of our projects in real scale, in our… Read more »