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Concrete cabin coming up!

The foundation and the three concrete gables of our new winter cabin in Nerskogen is finally in place. The ground work is now done and the carpenters are moving in these days.

Workshop in Årdal

This week we had the pleasure of visiting several wonderful locations close to the industrial town of Årdal. Together with tourism consultants form MIMIR we facilitated a workshop with the existing operators and newly started businesses in the local tourist industry, aiming to establish a common priority and direction for destination. We look foreword to working with several of these… Read more »

Cabin Vindheim in D2!

We’re happy getting our Cabin Vindheim (Mountain Hill Cabin) published in the first issue of the redesigned D2. Rasmus Norlanders fotos looks real good on printed paper! Read the digital version of the article HERE.  

Curly Cabin

  Both the curves and the colours of our Curly Cabin are inspired by the local birch trees.

Black Chapel

The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations.

Frøya Folkemuseum

Frøya Folkepark is inspired by the traditional “Notheng” building: A large open constructions where fishermen would hang their nets to dry.

Workshop on Frøya

As part of the strategic work with establishing a new costal museum on Sistranda/Frøya, we invited a variety of people, representing a broad selection of institutions and competence on the subject. The discussion at hand was “What stories do we tell?” and “How can a museum contribute to revitalizing the small city centre of Sistranda?”. The workshop was hosted… Read more »

Bredtvet Prison

This feasibility study was developed for Statsbygg with purpose to evaluate the property at Bredtvet for future government activities.