The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building inspired by an ancient legend, passed on for generations.

The Black Chapel is a small ceremonial building placed next to Svartisen (The Black Glacier), the second larges glacier in Norway

The origin story of Svartisen is a legend that has been past on for generations: The legend tells of an enchanted box that contained the powers of the glacier. When a curious mountain hiker decided to open it, the mighty Black Glacier appeared and folded out over the vast mountain landscape.

In our interpretation of the legend, the box is floating above the local heath landscape. As you wander underneath it a series of spaces are unveiled: A small bell tower, a star gaze cloister and a ceremonial space with a golden, luminous ceiling above it.

The chapel was designed in collaboration with artist Espen Dietrichson.


Client: Project group “Svartisen Kapell”, led by priest Leif Larssen (vicar of Halsa & Glomfjord congregation) and financed by Meløy Utvikling.

Section / Tower (BC) + Stargaze Cloister (CF) + Ceremonial (FL)

Entrance / Tower

Cross section / Stargaze Cloister / Ceremonial


Situation plan

The hovering box rests upon seven independent walls, creating and open ground floor divided into three different zones.


Stargaze Cloister

Render: Stargaze Cloister

The legend tells of an enchanted, black box containing the powers and shapes of the glacier.

Render: Abstract sunrise by Espen Dietrichson

Render: Situation