This feasibility study was developed for Statsbygg with purpose to evaluate the property at Bredtvet for future government activities.

Bredtvet is a large property centrally placed in the district of Groruddalen (northeast of Oslo). The site can be described as a green oasis contrasting the sprawling and densely populated valley. A series of public buildings and especially the prison building on top of the green ridge also characterize Bredtvet’s identity.

One of the main issues discussed in the study was the question on how the closed program of the prison could contribute to a positive development of the local community? And last but not least, how can a green area like this be densified without loosing its historical identity as a common public park in the region?

The feasibility study concluded two possible strategies for further operation of the prison function and a third option where the Police Academy taking over buildings and converting it to a campus.

The study was conducted in close dialogue with the client and though workshops with the administration of the Bredtvet prison.

(Team: Kathrine Næss / Håkon Matre Aasarød / Geir Nummedal / Joana G.Branco)

Historical photo

Sketches from the process of extending the volume of the listed prison buildings.

Police Academy / Campus

Extenced open prison

How can the closed program of a prison contribute to a positive development of the local community?

Extended classic / closed prison

Volume study / Campus

Volume study / South

Volum study / east

Volume study / Campus