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Helgeland Museum

Helgeland Museum connects history with daily life, – locals with visitors, and – nature with the rich coastal culture of Træna.

Vertical Boathouse

The Vertical Boathouse is placed in Årdal, the breaking point between Norways largest fjord and the massive mountain range of Jotunheimen.

Sauna Sørbø

Traditional diamond-shaped ornaments define the architecture of this small triangular sauna in the mountains of Sørbø.

Cabin Kiladalen

Cabin Kiladalen had quite a journey: The lakeside house in Sweeden used to be an indoor design exhibition in Norway.

Cabin Berget

Cabin Berget carefully curls around a large rock, whilst three portals frame the unique coastal landscape of Østerøya.

The Cluster Cabin

The Cluster Cabin is carefully placed in a magical forest in between large oak trees, amongst chanterelles, pine cones and flowery meadows.