Our Shadow Houses steal their silhouette from the historical buildings they are placed next to.

This project is a part of a feasibility study commissioned by Frøya Municipality concerning the establishment of an open-air museum at Sistranda / Frøya.

The main concept of the museum is to merge the current city centre with a collection of historical buildings from the district. These historical relics convey local history, myths and traditions through a variety of permanent exhibitions and installations.

In addition a series of cafes, shops and cultural activities are established in the historical buildings, ensuring that they are not simply perceived as historical relics, but as an active and relevant part of the contemporary setting.

Further on, to ensure a holistic experience for the visitors, the houses are all placed on a recognizable black concrete foundation. This black concrete is the signature material of the museum.

In the event that the building at hand is not suitable for additional activities, a small extension is erected next to it. This small “shadow house” is built in the same black concrete as the foundation and simply steals its proportions from the houses placed next to it.


Situation plan for Sistranda Shadow Houses.


Historical municipality building + shadow house

The old houses play an active part in the contemporary urban setting.


Historical storehouse +New fundament


Dalatunet + Shadow Scene