The Moskenes Lamp is part of the collection “Format Lights”: A series of lamps designed by architects.

The lamp is designed as a modular system enabling you to adapt the lamp to different situations, adding a warm and atmospherical glow to the spaces you enjoy. The lamp is designed on commission from HØGH and produced in three different styles:


1) Polished brass with oil waxed walnut

2) Black lacquered steel with spirit stained oak

3) White lacquered steel with natural oak


This lamp is part of the collection “Format Lights”, a series of lamps designed by architects:

“Format Lights by HØGH are tiny houses emitting a purely atmospheric light, while echoing the lines and proportions of new Norwegian architecture. An experiment where idea, form and scale changes format. The lamps embody buildings, or fragments of buildings, and kindles a play with the elements of volume, light and shadow. Each year a new office gets to do one lamp, with a one year lifespan”.

Producer: Høgh Store

Team: Einar Elton Jacobsen, Håkon Matre Aasarød and Magnus Kvalheim

Photo: Mathias Fossum