The House of Families is an institutional building designed for disadvantaged, young families in Nuuk / Greenland

“House of families” is a building for disadvantaged young women with children in Nuuk, commissioned by Sermersooq Municipality.

The house’s main task will be to teach families and mothers to fend for themselves, enabling them to live an independent life.

The building mass is broken up into smaller building volumes. This way the building is perceived not as a large institution, but rather a family of small houses. Beyond this, the building also protects the outdoor areas against a rough arctic climate.

The project was initially a part of an overall strategic plan for the Nuuk center called “Middle of the world, the middle of Nuuk”, led by Dahl & Uhre architects and TNT Nuuk architects.


TEAM: Lisbet Harboe, Håkon Matre Aasarød, Joana G.Branco and Berta Gaztelu


The building does not appear as a large institution, but rather a composite of many small houses: A cluster of families.

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