Stimen Resort is a small group of really small high rise buildings.

Stimen is a tourist destination close to the Arctic Circle. The resort consists of several small hexagonal high-rise dwellings.

In the first floor all of these small houses offer public features creating a meeting point between inhabitants and visitors of the resort. The features span from outdoor art exhibition areas to bicycle repair shops, fishing spots, a hot-smoke fish tower and a “high rise sauna”.

The idea was not merely to create a tourist destination, but more than anything a place enjoyed by the locals. Our idea was simple: If the locals enjoy it, tourist eventually will.

The project was designed in close relation with Tomos Osmond back in the Fantastic Norway-days.

Our idea was simple: If the locals enjoy it, tourist will eventually come.

A hexagonal pattern defines the public floor of the resort and the placement of the dwellings.

Selection of plans

Elevations / Colour scheme

During a promotion of the resort, the small high rises were made into costumes and got to travel to a design festival in Berlin.

Relaxing on a bench in Mitte.

Public transport in Berlin