Cabin Berget

The cabin gently folds around a large rock, whilst a portal frame the archipelago of Østerøya.


  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Sigrid Bjørkum
  • Kurt Breitenstein
  • Anna Forslöw
  • Einar Elton


  • Sigurd Fandango
  • Private


The cabin is placed on the peninsula of Østerøya, next to the city of Sandefjord / Norway. The area is famous for its coastal landscape and the characteristic sand-colored bedrock next to the sea.

The project consists of three tiny houses carefully placed around a large rock. A narrow lush walkway covered with ivy creepers connects the different volumes. The spaces in between become small portals toward the unique landscape of Østerøya.

The exterior of Cabin Berget is covered in untreated pine wood, while the interior is built in birch veneer and polished concrete.

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