Cabin Vindheim

Inspired by snowbound cabins where only the roof protrudes through the snow.


  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Kurt Breitenstein
  • Berta Gaztelu
  • Joana Branco


  • Rasmus Norlander
  • Einar Elton


Cabin Vindheim is situated deep into the forest, in the alpine landscape close to Lillehammer / Norway.

The design is inspired by the classic motif of snowbound cabins, where only the roof protrudes through the snow.

In spite of a sparse and compact floor plan (55m2), the cabin is spatially rich and generous: From the main bedroom and the mezzanine, you can even gaze up at the stars and enjoy the northern light, while lying in bed. When resting in the cabin's bedroom, a large 4-meter-long window creates the impression of sleeping above the treetops and underneath the stars.

The building, which is composed of a large living room, a bedroom, a ski preparation room, and a small annex with a utility room, is clad in black-stained ore pine. The interior is lighter and fully covered in waxed poplar veneer. 

As the gables are extended all the way to the ground the cabin transforms from a small house to a natural part of the winter landscape.

The flip-up roof enables you to gaze up at the stars and observe the northern lights while lying in bed.

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