The lakeside house in Sweden had quite a journey; The pavilion was originally an indoor design exhibition in Norway.


  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Einar Elton
  • Magnus Kvalheim
  • Anna Forslöw


  • Sigurd Fandango


The cabin is carefully placed in sloping terrain, next to a beautiful lake in Shäffle / Sweden. The project consists of two separate pavilions, one vertical and one horizontal. 

The project was initially designed as the main exhibition at the annual Oslo Design Fair in 2019. The main theme of the exhibition was environmental consciousness and sustainable design. Whilst the traditional exhibition design expires as soon as the fair is over, Vardehaugen designed a scenography that could last for decades: 

Eight cross-laminated timber pavilions that later were transformed into cabins. Two of these pavilions were recycled and re-erected in Kiladalen.

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