A blue pavilion at the ferry terminal of Moskenes.


  • Einar Elton
  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Geir Nummedal
  • Magnus Kvalheim


  • Statens Vegvesen


The project is a service building with a waiting room and public toilets at the ferry terminal of Moskenes in the Lofoten Islands.

During winter the polar night creates a special atmosphere in the north, as the sun is gone for almost three months. In this period the landscape is immersed in a rich variation of blue, changing from bright beautiful azure - to the deepest royal blue, in a matter of minutes.

This wonderful phenomenon is reflected in the selection of materials in the project. The two concrete gables carrying the large roof, are made of cobalt blue concrete with marble stones. The roof is clad with perforated blue fiber cement sheets, functioning as a lamp for both the inside and outside areas underneath it.

The building is designed for National Tourist Routes in Norway (Statens Vegvesen).

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