Villa Charlottenlund

The brick villa is placed in a sloping terrain next to a botanical garden.


  • Einar Elton
  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Sigrid Bjørkum
  • Kurt Breitenstein


  • Client 
  • New photo okt. 2023


The brick building is inspired by villa architecture from the 50s and 60s: A period characterised by deep and flexible floor plans, lush atriums, durable materials, and restrained and sober compositions.

With this in mind, the villa is organised around a protected garden connected to a rich variation of courtyards and passages. The floor plan follows the sloping terrain and creates two floors towards the Trondheim fjord.

Two "walkways” extend through the building, creating a close contact between the interior and the surrounding environment: One from the botanical garden, through a narrow staircase, and up to the roof terrace. The other from the nearby road, past the kitchen and then again leading out the morning terrace.

A pergola with ivy creepers is established along the roadside, creating a green and open facade towards the neighbourhood.

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