House of the Nymph

House of the Nymph relates to an ancient tradition where the people of Mefjordvær shared their houses with creatures of the underworld.


  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Atle Leira
  • Espen Dietrichson
  • Magnus Kvalheim
  • Einar Elton


  • Statens Vegvesen


In the fishing village of Mefjordvær there was a common belief that a group of nymphs lived in the mountain ridge just outside town. Before leaving their homes at the end of the season, the nomadic fishermen would decorate their living room and set the dinner table with food, dishes and cutlery: They believed a nymph would move into the vacant house as soon as they left - and wanted to show the visitor a friendly gesture.

This local tradition was the basis for our proposal for the National Tourist Routes caravan stop in Mefjordvær: In addition to designing a functional and practical rest room / information point for the visitors, we aimed to create a public space that resembled a private house (with a small living room, a fireplace, a bookshelf and a rest room) where the locals could interact with the visitors. We believe the best tourist information is simply talking to the locals.

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