A high-quality landscape hotel, combining local tradition with sustainable tourism. 


  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Magnus Kvalheim
  • Anna Forslöw
  • Einar Elton
  • Magnus Hermstad


  • Vardehaugen


"Været" is inspired by the old fishing villages in the region: Vibrant settlements far out in the sea, known for a rich variety of robust and colorful houses, vernacular buildings, wharves and fishing docks.

The hotel is carefully placed in the landscape, and organized in relation to the tough climate in the region. A network of nature trails connects the small buildings with the adjacent nature areas. The projects include a marina, a saltwater spa, and nature trails, but also workspaces for local businesses and artists.

The hotel is planned in close relation to the nearby society, exposing local food, traditions, and culture. The opening is scheduled 2025.

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