Vetti Pavillion

The viewpoint next to the giant waterfall is more of an insight point.


  • Håkon Matre Aasarød
  • Magnus Kvalheim
  • Kathrine Næss


  •  Eskild Digrenes


The viewpoint next to the majestic Vettisfossen waterfall challenges the idea of the classic lookout point and replaces it with an insight point: A social place where hikers can share their experiences.

A narrow pavilion (built-in notched wood) curves around a bonfire, defining a natural shelter to rest and socialize after hours of hiking. On the inside the pavilion serves as a compass, framing a variety of motives in the landscape, – from the rocks, heather, and birch trees nearby, to the monumental mountains and waterfall in the distance.

Next to the openings, various graphic imprints (illustrations and text) tell of facts, stories, and myths from the framed motives.

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